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About Us

WZLP is an affiliate of Moody Broadcast Network. To reach home-bound and community members, six local churches have partnered with WZLP by recording their Sunday services for broadcast. As a non-denominational ministry, we strive to share the Word of God with all people.

On Air


Our mission is to witness for Christ and strengthen families and the community through hope, encouragement, and the love of God.

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In 2000, the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Family set a long-term goal to establish a ministry that would spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the entire community, including those who were homebound and unchurched. 

In December 2001, the church received a low-power FM station license from the Federal Communications Commission. After gathering necessary equipment, WZLP first signed on the air on June 9, 2003, with the tagline "lower watts, HIGHER POWER." The station was initially located in a remodeled bedroom of the church annex, but later moved to the Christian Community Center, formerly known as the Loudonville Christian Church.

Bill Farris, a Radio/TV Communications graduate of Ashland College, trained volunteers in radio communications before going on air and remains a loyal fan of WZLP in his retirement. To honor his leadership, we now broadcast from the Bill Farris Studio.

WZLP's first local programming began with "Daily Devotions," produced by local readers from Zion, followed by "Perrysville's Past" by Maggie Ott and "PT & Co." by Pastor Terry Ruther. These shows featured informative interviews and entertaining morning antics, with "Loudonville History" hosted by Deb Smith joining soon after.

Some of these original programs continue today with the addition of new volunteers from the community, helping WZLP grow from a 36-hour weekly schedule to 24/7 within three years.

Zion Annex Exterior

In January 2008, WZLP accomplished its two-year goal of broadcasting programming over the internet.

On May 15, 2013, WZLP relocated its 100-foot tower and transmitter from the Thompson property hill to the station site on Valley View Drive. This move resulted in cost savings by eliminating the need for a broadcast phone line from the station to the tower and improved convenience for equipment maintenance during various weather conditions.

Our primary goal remains serving the community. We have recently upgraded our Emergency Alert System to meet the FCC's digital requirements, and are collaborating with local fire and law enforcement, the Ashland County Emergency Management Agency, and amateur radio operators to create an Emergency Disaster Broadcast Plan.


Our aim is to provide timely emergency information, particularly related to weather, to residents and visitors in the Greater Mohican Area, including campsites and recreation facilities. These efforts reflect our commitment to volunteerism and community service.

Chuck and Bill in OG studio
Ron Lance at Audio Board

Original home of WZLP

Chuck Girt & Bill Farris working on equipment in the original studio

Ron Lance working on the audio board in the original studio of WZLP

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